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It is usually the victim & the saboteur, universal archetypes in all of us, that get offended. They will use offense as a way to point fingers & externalize change rather than looking inwards & taking responsibility for change.


This slows our evolution because external change, change by the herd or the group, takes much longer than individual change.


Most people still out-source their effort & responsibility for change to the tribe or the herd. Meaning most are waiting for the herd to change before they do.


And this is why the victim & saboteur will cling to feelings of insult & defensiveness because as long as something else is causing the offense, than that something else needs to change & the pace by which change will then occur is stretched over the size of the herd.


Being aware of our victim & saboteur’s shadows & reactivities allows us to call back & quicken time, & speed up the pace at which change manifests. Because when we bring our awareness back to ourselves we bring time & change inwards too.


And external changes manifest more rapidly when you are only waiting for yourself not the whole herd to change.


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