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God’s Will is Not Official

A teaching by my Sufi guide M. Sh. Nazim Al Haqqani ق.💎


The Sufi is not ruled by the official because we are not governed by rules, we are governed by Love.


That which is official must be standardized. Centralized. Structured. Bound & recognized by an outside authority. Systemized & reduced into a one size fits all. Divorced of inner direction & organic flow. Stripped of the natural. Separated from the laws of cosmic order. Exiled from Divine Command. From the Self.


That which is official is not aligned with God’s Will but with man’s limited & constructed view.


Limited by its very nature to maintain authority & recognition, anything official loses any chance of authenticity, of love, of surrender & of flow.


Sufi’s are lovers of Love. We are directed by Love. We are commanded by Love. Love is Free. It is boundless. Limitless. Infinite. Dynamic. Both uncontrollable and in control of all the parts & of the whole. It has no rules.


Love is Freedom because it is empty of need or of want. It desires nothing but its limitless dynamatism, its own dance in nothingness. It breathes & seeks nothing but The Self.


Love is being & doing the beautiful.


Somehow this guidance reached me as a small child alhamdulillah (thanks to the power of my beloved teacher ق) because I’ve always known it intuitively & been guided by it, even when ostracized & kicked out of the norm. It was expressed through my teenager as a rejection of mainstream music & arts. Later by my “career” choices. And always by my relentless questioning of anything “official”. Alhamdulillah.


I felt guided to share this gem of wisdom with you from my learning here in earth school. It is free from my teacher for you to keep precious in your heart. And if you have the courage. Blessings.🌹

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