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Gratitude to The Lost

Deep gratitude to those in right relationship with Creator & creation. And thanks to those who are not.


With deep love & sincere gratitude, we strive to follow the footsteps of our beloved ancestors, the ascended masters, the prophets & messengers who have shown us the way of alignment with God Source, with our higher soul self & with all that is.


But we seldom give thanks to those who show us the right way by means of opposites. To those who sacrifice their souls, their lives, their integrity, their authenticity, their hearts, their bodies, their minds, their eternity… for the sake of fleeting impermanence.


Thank you to those who sell their souls to the highest bidder in the material realm. To those who stay drunk on false light, inverted narratives, pathologies, reversals & idol worship.


To those who prefer to remain victims instead of becoming divinely guided guardians of the earth. To those who show us the timeline of self-destruction.


We are all capable of choosing false light, of being tricked by inverted timelines, of succumbing to our own darkness. Many of us often do but only so we can remember who we really are.


So let us thank the oppressors & the tyrants within & without us too. They are our mirrors.


And they have lost their way so we don’t have to.

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