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Group Think = Energy Leaks

Unplugging from group think means removing our life force from cultural & sociological programming about who we are & how we belong & receive love from our tribe.


Social belief systems are imprinted on our inner child (the child ego in Sufi Cosmology), through our root chakra in Hindu cosmology or our vegetable soul in Sufi cosmology, since the moment we are born (perhaps even in utero).


We are all subconsciously plugged in to the collective belief system or herd mind, which will command our soul & have authority over us as long as it remains subconscious. We can unplug by making the subconscious conscious.


If we are being directed by the collective, we are plugging our life force into the herd rather than harnessing it for our bodies, minds & souls.


This is an energy leak.


When we leak or drain our energy or vital force, we weaken not only our bodies, which then causes disease, but we also weaken our soul’s capacity to have sovereign authority over us. We cheat our own life force.


Our life force is what animates our body. If it is plugged into anything outside of ourselves we are funding or giving our life currency to external entities rather than investing it in our bodies, our souls & The Divine.


When we leak our energy in this way we lose integrity, autonomy & sovereignty because we allow others to command authority over us.


And we also create much internal disease & suffering.


What are you doing & saying, or not doing & not saying, that is exchanging your life energy for external validation?


Dig deep. Look for the energy leaks. Forgive yourself for outsourcing your life force to others. Call that energy back. And cut that cord.


It’s time to become who you already are.💎

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