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Heaven’s Team

We are all assigned a team of divine helpers long before this lifetime.


Your specific God-team is always with you; supporting you, guiding you, assisting you, communicating with you, re/membering you back to your highest purpose, potential & self; to bring you back home.


There will definitely be angels, prophets, ascended masters, ancestors & specific jinn races assigned to your guidance & protection here on earth.


You may also have some plants, animals & elementals that are unique to your soul’s needs.


As we enter this epic transformation in human consciousness, awakening & liberation, it is important to unite all the different parts of you.


Thiving in these times, accessing the higher timelines, require you to invoke the inner power to re/memberance & integration of your scattered & unknown parts.


Your your divine guides, your heaven’s team are an essential & empowering part of your soul & soul contracts, of who you are!


You are not separate from them, you are the union of them.


My only caution to you is to be careful with summoning certain angels, ancestors & jinn beings that you may already think are on your team. Because they can be imposters of false light. Even angels have imposters, to this i can personally attest to.


Nonetheless whether or not you know who is exactly on your super-power team, start calling on them. Invoke their presence. Ask for their support.


You do not need to know each team member’s name, you can simply summon them as your “heaven’s team”.


If want to know who is on your heaven’s team, ask The Almighty & you will be shown insha Allah.


Blessings to you and your soul-allies. 🤲🏾🌺📿

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