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Homeopathy Matches Like Frequencies

Did you know that homeopathy is frequency medicine that works through the Laws of Resonance & Similars (i.e. matching frequencies) to restore WHOLE health to all bodies of the being (energetic, mental, emotional, physical)?!


In other words, homeopathy follows the laws of physics (& quantum physics) to bring forth the reality you want & that Einstein is referring to in this quote. Come learn how!


And come learn…

💧homeopathy at home for first aid & common ailments, &

💧how we turn matter into energy and use remedies of natural frequencies to heal at the root cause (i.e. at the energetic level).


🚨 Homeopathy for Families Online Course🚨

Self-Paced Program in SSOHASS Wisdom Vault


In this workshop you learn how to use a basic homeopathy kit & most commonly used homeopathic remedies for most common ailments including:

✔First Aid



✔Eye Complaints



✔Sore Throats




✔Stomach Upsets

✔Skin Issues

Clarity Call
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