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Identity Politics vs. Soul Searching

Identity politics is not for me. ⚔🌹


I gave up on it in my early 20’s when I realized that chasing an earthly identity is futile. I am always changing in this physical realm– I wasn’t the same person I was yesterday let alone all my life. Fixing myself into an identity even if it’s multiple & intersectional is limiting & a form of bondage in my opinion.


I really don’t care how someone else sees me or what boxes they put me in.


I am not my hair, my skin color, my religion, my genitals, my languages, my sexual orientation, my income, my friends, my family, my tribe.


All of these earthly things only say something very limiting of my experiences here on earth.🌐


Who am I beyond human constructs? Who am I to the angels & beings of the unseen? What light do I reflect? What of the Divine is manifested & expressed through me? Who am i in the eternal? 🌌


And who are you?

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