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Institutionalized Child Abuse

Even though children & adolescents might not be able to articulate it, they are fully aware that they are under attack & being abused by the system.


Because kids have innocent trust of the adults around them & of society, rather than perceiving adults & society as criminal abusers they will internalize the abuse as them doing something wrong, that they are not loveable, that they are not acceptable as they already are.


They learn that love is not given free and is conditional, that love is earned by shape-shifting to the abusers terms of acceptability, that they need to change to be accepted & loved.


After over 15 months of systemic abuse by institutions & adults who are supposed to be protecting & serving our kids, the kids know they are being abused but think its their fault.


How could they not think they are unworthy of love & acceptance when they were marked as asymptomatic superspreader bioweapons that must act & appear a certain way (masked, isolated, locked down) to be accepted into society?


And whats worse? Many family members have taken the side of the abusers.


Many parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles & elders have taken the side of the abusers, the very institutions & systems that marked our kids with punishment & hatred, by silently going along with the abuse, by outright shutting down conversations that center our children’s needs or by calling anyone who questions the mainstream paradigm “conspiracy theorists,” “anti-science”, “granny killers”, “danger to society”, “karens”, “Trump supporters”, “right wing racists”, etc.


It is no wonder many adolescents live in despair these days with an explosion in rates of addictions, social disorders, suicide ideation, mental illness & self hatred.


If you have a child in your family that is having a new or intensified mental health crises &/or emotional issues, ask yourself who’s side do they see their guardians, caretakers & community on? Has someone in the family betrayed them & inadvertently taken the side of the abusers?


The problems our children are having these days are very much socially engineered. But if they have a home that has their back, that will take their side & love & accept human beings (not just children) no matter what the schools, government & media are saying or doing, our children will feel safe, protected & guarded from the large scale onslaught against the most vulnerable of the world.


Let your kids know that you see the abuse & you are not okay with it. Let them know you are on their side.


And fight like hell for them.⚔🌹⚔

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