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Karma As Story

The reason why the world appears so unjust is because we haven’t seen the whole story yet.


And I hate to break it to you beloved, but you likely won’t see the whole story in this lifetime.


BUT you will see it. All of it! I promise you.


You’ll see your role, their roles.

Why it had to happen the way it did.

All your questions will be answered.

All will be accounted for.


And I promise you it will be both Beautiful & Just & in the Highest Divine Proportions.


And it will all make perfect sense.

There will be peace.


But for now, we can only see fragments.

Pieces of the puzzle.

And maybe even whole chapters.

Perhaps glimpses of the bigger picture.

But not everything.


We can’t see the totality from the down below. From our limited mind & restricted 3D vision.


So stop trying to fix it. It’s all part of the plan. The karma you feel locked into can be healed. You can revoke old ancestral agreements.


The time of karma is now over.

Cosmic Justice is near.


God has the endings & beginnings already written & they’re nothing like you ever imagined.


Nor can you bring better or higher justice.


Your well-ancestors don’t want revenge for the crimes committed against them or you. They want you to end the karmic cycle by healing. And healing requires forgiveness not revenge.


Pray for good endings & good beginnings.

Pray for the highest good for all that is.

Let go of the story you have.


And trust that God’s story is the best story & that it’s already done.🤲🏾📿

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