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Love Oceans

786. Free will in human beings is the freedom to choose to surrender to our inevitable return to Our Creator or choose to resist & be compelled (forced) to return.


All of nature is ruled by the compulsion to return to Source. But human beings could choose not to surrender to the journey and to resist our return, to resist our destiny. This is what makes us different from the rest of creation. And still in all cases, we all return.


The Most High doesn’t want you to come to The Divine Presence by compulsion. Our Creator wants you to come in & with love.


This is why you have been given this life, your Creator wants you to remember & discover who you already are.


“Who are you? Are you a being who surrenders through love or through compulsion?


Your Creator is calling you back to “Love Oceans” as my Sufi Master says ق. How are you responding?

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