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Love, The Essence of Creation

The West has long time conflated romance & lust w/ love. Love is not just an emotion, it’s the most powerful force in the cosmos & is the essence & why of creation.


Love is THE intelligence of mama nature. Love is THE governing law of Sophia (Nature’s Wisdom) & the primary directive of Source’s emanations.


For Sufis, The Creator Creates from & for Love. So, every single thing in the universe, whether seen or unseen, from giant spinning supernovae down to atoms & even sub-atomic particles, all things are embued w/ the spinning frequency, w/ the consciousness & blueprint of God’s Love.


Look at how our new mama cat is channeling this love. She didn’t read any books on birthing, nursing or caring for her young. She didn’t take any classes.


She just knows. She knows exactly what to do & when to do it. Because the imperative to have her babies survive comes from God’s Love.


She is simply just being. Being love. Bringing love.


Sure, some will say it’s her natural instinct developed by thousands of years of evolution because of the biological imperative to survive. & this is true, for as the Sufis say there are only two desires all creatures are born with– the cumpulsion to live AND the need to love & be loved.


& these two frequencies of life & love are in an eternal dance together. They are both indistinguishable currents in Allah’s Divine Love Oceans.


My spiritual teacher says that in every single micro-moment all of creation is collapsed & re-created again from Divine Love. If Allah were to remove this Love for a just split second, all would cease to exist.


There is no existence, there is no life, without God’s Love animating every micro & macro unit in the cosmos.


“I was a hidden treasure; I LOVED to be known. Hence, I created the world to be known.” (Hadith Qudsi: Holy utterance of Allah transmitted through Prophet Mohamed (sas))


It has been such a humble blessing to witness God’s love move through our mama cat. What an incredible creature sA. She has everything she needs already built in.


All creatures, & especially mothers, are perfectly designed conduits, coded with & for the power of Love. And so are you. 🙏🏽🐈❤

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