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Lovers of Love

The substance that keeps the entirety of all the universes together is LOVE.


The totality of all of creation that emerges & re-manifests again & again in every immeasurable micro-fractal of a moment– all of this is held together as ONE, by the energy, the light, the substance of DIVINE LOVE.


You are here in every moment for & by this Love. Unconditional. ABSOLUTE. Everlasting. LOVE.


The dervishes, the Sufis, are simply LOVERS of Absolute Everlasting Divine LOVE.


We are guided & devoured by Allah’s Love. We seek to experience existence through our annihilation in Allah’s LOVE Oceans.


We are cracked open by ONENESS with LOVE.


Our hearts are fine tuned (& well boundaried & individated through a lot of ego and shadow work alhamdulillah) to surrender & recieve the fullness of Love– both the uplifting, pleasurable & sweet nature of Love, as well as the devouring, firey, burning, longing nature of Love.


We are trained to receive all the textures of Love–

its smooth ecstacy,💨

its quenching attraction,

its accepting purity,

its nourishing fountains, 💧

its thirst & yearning,

its rough jagged breaks💮

& burning disasters.🔥


Here is an invitation to you, to come to know that however The Divine chooses to enter your heart, it’s from, through, of, by & for The Highest LOVE, in the ABSOLUTE.☝🏽

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