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Map of the Motherland, i am.

I am the mother land, mapped out.🌌


My teacher of Kemetic Sciences & Arts or the Egyptian Mystery Schools Shahrazad Awyan, who is an indigenous elder & wisdom keeper of the Giza Plateau, pointed out to me a few days ago that my moles are a depiction of the constellation of Orion & the Great Pyramids of Giza, with the Sphinx.


My face is actually the exact layout of the Giza Complex as the 3 big moles on my cheek are the pyramids on the elevated part of the Plateau whereas my sphinx mole is in the lower valley of my neck just like the actual Sphinx.


She says this makes me from the galaxy of Orion & the family of Osiris.😭 🧿𓂀


1st 📷: The Pyramid key 🔑

2nd 📷: Me with my great-great-grandmother⁹⁹ Queen Nefertari.👑


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