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Miasms & Collective Dis-eases

Acute diseases reveal miasms so they can be healed. Collective acute diseases like ep¡demics reveal collective miasms.


Western colonialism & industrialization created two MAJOR pathologies or MIASMS in the collective soul: the SLAVERY MIASM & the PRIMORDIAL MOTHER WOUND.


It can be said that both miasms are in fact one & the same as the primordial mother wound or wounded feminine is also a result of the master-slave paradigm inherent to Western colonialism & its belief that all earth bodies, including the feminine & the earth mother herself, are seen as separate & dangerous & are meant to be dominated, controlled, exploited & enslaved by *the man*.


The Western colonial project however is now dying, it’s taking it’s last toxic breaths.


And at the end of any world, miasms & shadows will be triggered & exposed so they can be healed & not be passed on to the next world, in our case the New Earth.


I have a course coming up in September to awaken MATRIARCHAL CONSCIOUSNESS & HEAL the universal, PRIMORDIAL WOUNDS of the FEMININE & the EARTH MOTHER within us through INITIATIONS with homeopathic remedies made from the human BIRTH process (ovary, placenta, amniotic fluid, etc). So I will be sharing a lot on this miasm in particular.


What about the slavery miasm however? I started to discuss it in 2020 but found most people were still so stuck in the consciousness of victim, slave, master that it wasn’t really reaching people.


But what about now? Would you like to learn more about it & begin to heal the SLAVERY MIASM? I have homeopathic initiation remedies for that too. 😊🙏🏽

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