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Moving Countries While Away

Simultaneously holding grief, joy & gratitude in my heart as I transition into my new life!


I’ve been deep in all the contradictions lately. Trying to hold space for all of it.


My bestie @unicely (1st photo) who I was supposed to be vacationing with in Egypt left me a few days ago & now I’m living in Egypt!


Wait what??!!!!


Eunice is my most solid homegirl. My person. My childhood friend from LA. My ride or die. We started off in the underground music & hip hop scene in LA together & now we’ve been around the world together.


When she left, my bond to LA left & it really started to hit home (pun intended) that this is my new home!


Wait what??!!!!!


I came here with one bag y’all! I moved countries with 1 freaking bag (3rd photo). 1 bag!


Wait what?!!!


This move was so unexpected that my amazing parents & siblings moved out of my house in Glendale for me this weekend!


Wait what?!


The house where my kids grew up in was graciously moved out by family, I didn’t even get to say a proper goodbye except through video phone– see 2nd photo with my beautiful sister @lamyaasassi chatting with me as she closed up my house.


Wait what?!!!!


I am all the feels right now. So much sadness and grief for the life I once had & have to let go of so unexpectedly and from so far away. But also so much joy, excitement & gratitude because …. wait for it…. we bought a house! (4th photo)


Wait what?!!!!


Wtf is happening you guys?! So much! And its all so perfect, so difficult & so easy all at the same time.


I am in flow. I am letting it all come in– the discomfort, the grief, the unfolding, the trust & the joy.


I am following the path of ease. I am stepping into my destiny.




And as I walk the path of trust & of the unknown, I am being initiated. See next post.


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