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🌸Le Primevère de Paulette🌸

🌸The Primrose of Paulette🌸


Last week we laid to rest my husband’s grandmother Paulette Marlot, daughter of Marie. And this is her flower essence, Wild French Primrose.🌸


Mimi Paulette was 96 years old, indigenous to the region of Bourgogne, France, & not only gifted the world my amazing husband but also kept & passed the grace & gift of homeopathy to many generations & to me. [See photo of bag of her homeopathic remedies, this is one bag of many.]💎


And for this, I am forever grateful & indebted. My soul bows to Paulette daughter of Marie.💜


Thanks to Mimi, homeopathy has been used in my husband’s family as their primary form of medicine for 4 generations & it is through her legacy that homeopathy was opened and shown to me.🌺


She is my children’s ancestral lineage & my healing lineage in homeopathy, the grandmother gatekeeper of her own indigenous medicine passed on to me & it is my deepest honor & privilege.💙


So when I saw all this beautiful Wild French Primrose growing all over my in-laws garden at the time of her passing, I knew it was her medicine & that I needed to capture it.🌸


On this Egyptian Mother’s Day, my sincere gratitude & love for all the beauty, medicine & love she & all our grandmother’s & mothers bring into the world do so with the highest grace & generosity.💜


May she rest in gardens of Eternal Peace.🌈🐝💐🦋


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