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Nature Will Always Win

Nothing in nature is a mistake. Everything in nature serves it’s own unique purpose. Even a vyrus.

Anyone who thinks nature is mistaken & goes to war with it instead of learns from it, will be corrected.

Because the human being is part of nature, we are also self-correcting. When we think our body is making a mistake & we fight it or use it to fight something we perceive as happening to it, it will self-correct.

Dis-ease is the way human nature self-corrects. Because it’s through the reversal of health that we learn what true health is. It is through dis-ease that we are pointed towards ease. It is through the “Law of Opposites” or by experiencing dissonance & dishamoney that we learn to come back to resonance & harmony. Nature self-corrects by teaching us, by showing us our pathologies.

Likewise, if we fight instead of learn from dis-ease, if we resist rather than accept the self-correcting teacher within us, nature will come stronger with its pathologies or its self-correcting teaching mode by increasing dis-ease.

This is the ‘Law of Suppression’ & is the one & only function of allopathic drugs & the medical industrial complex.

In other words if we fight nature instead of accept it as our teacher, nature will always win.

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