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I wrote this on February 6 of this year. Now what we are seeing in India & Brazil w/ the new v@ri<nts is exactly this– more virulent strains because of the vacksines.


This was not a prediction, it is understanding & literacy of universal and natural laws.


Do we really think we can outsmart thousand year old, highly adaptive, rapidly mutating ecosystems w/ one-sided, control & fear based experimental injections?!


Industry is pretending to play God & we all know from our holy scriptures & from our ancestral memories exactly what happens to those w/ a God complex.


When we go to war with nature, nature will always win.


The thing is though, we are nature and we can harness the earth bodies’ powers and intelligence to live in symbiosis with it, with ourselves.


I have been given metaphysical secrets, gems of cosmic intelligence, that allow us to alchemize disease into medicine while also aligning with the natural cycles of life and the evolutionary prerogative of all earth bodies, including our own.


Those that align with the earth will be supported by the earth as she levels up. Those who try to outsmart it will be made obsolete.


Those whose immune systems remain in tact by learning to utilize disease as teachings of the earth rather than trying to fight & control disease, will level up with the earth’s regenerative cycles & survive these upgrades. Those who choose industry over God won’t.


This is just how it will be.


You have a choice. Reach out if you want to upgrade in alignment with the earth. I am here to share whats been shared with me.


Praise God. Peace.

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