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Nutritional Balancing for Mental Health

The idea of Nutritional Balancing as foundational care in mental health healing is finally getting the attention it deserves in important mental health circles. High impact thought leaders in mental health like Dr. Kelly Brogan MD and The Holistic Psychologist consistently emphasize the need to bring the physical body and nervous system back into balance as foundational first steps on any healing journey. And though this may be a new concept for orthodox or conventional medicine, it is a practice that is millennia old.

“The part represents the whole,” is a fundamental law of the universe and a basic guiding principle in most traditional and alternative systems of medicine. This alchemical law has been expressed throughout history in many forms and articulations but it is perhaps best understood and remembered as the saying of the Great Alchemist Hermes– “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” This law is also often expressed as the simile of the little acorn seed that holds the potential, reality and knowledge of being an entire forest of oak trees.


This subtle but powerful law holds secrets of healing and medicine. In fact, Chinese acupuncture and reflexology are based on this universal natural law, the idea that one can heal imbalances in vital organs and systems by activating parts of the body (meridians) that represent those vital organs and systems. In traditional medicines like Chinese medicine, just the ear alone can be used to heal the entire person. That is powerful!


Likewise, in Prophetic/Sufi Medicine of which I am a student, we can determine physical, emotional and mental imbalances based on an evaluation of one’s pulse. The heart beat holds the entire person’s energetic and physical blueprint! Isn’t that incredible?!


A hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) holds the same potential and power of providing a biochemical blueprint or a window into our cells and the opportunity to heal the whole through understanding the part. Unlike blood tests, an HTMA reflects 3 months of metabolic activity and is not influenced by day to day diet or stress. With it we can identify nutritional imbalances associated with stress, mental/emotional illness or imbalances, metabolic rate, biochemical energy production, and organ and system imbalances.


How does HTMA help us with Nutritional Balancing?

By understanding our personal biochemical blueprint in the form of mineral patterns, we can determine a targeted and functional nutrition plan that addresses our unique biochemical picture. By identifying our mineral overloads and deficiencies we can then establish a dietary and supplement game plan addressing our particular nutritional needs. To know what to eat and how to supplement correctly, we need to know our own personal nutritional needs… It’s as simple as that.


Once our body comes more into balance, we may find a decrease or even an elimination of symptoms or conditions like anxiety, depression and insomnia.


And then that gives room, strength and endurance for deeper soul healing…

…from the part to the whole.


HTMA + Targeted Functional Nutrition

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