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Own Your Darkness

There is a p⚠︎ndemic of HUBRIS in the modern human collective based on denialism & entitlement, which leads to regular indiscriminate violence against the most helplesss & vulnerable & the earth herself.🌍


And it’s all because of the modern, wholesale denial of evil, darkness & false light.


Modern humans refuse to accept their limitations– that they are dependent on & accountable to a Power Greater than themselves & that they have an ego that is inclined towards darkness.


This denial will be the DEATH of modernity. You can mark my words.


If suffering is increased by suppressing the truth however painful, then the denial of our true nature is the deepest of human pathologies & pain.


Modern humans believe they are the best, most evolved civilization to ever exist & in this arrogance reject a Higher Power & deny the existence of evil or malevolent energies within us.


Darkness relies on you not believing in it. It grows in the shadows where its been relegated to in modern human consciousness.


How long are we going to keep turning away from our shadows & abuses as a civilization?


How much longer are we going to deny that we have some dark ass shit we need to face as a human collective?


How many more massacres? Wars? How much more oppression can we take?


When are we going to finally admit as a collective that we’ve been possessed by our own evils?


When are we going to stop bypassing reality & live with the dark truths of who we are & what we’ve allowed ourselves to become?


Everything “wrong” with the world is because we got this simple truth upside down: WE ARE godly BUT WE ARE NOT GOD.


People are constantly talking about OWNING their authentic selves & their divinity but are in total denial that they are just as much DEVILISH as they are ANGELIC.


All that is, is self-worship & idolatry.


So OWN your darkness, as well as your light. 🕳

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