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Pain = Superp

Don’t try to change your suffering. Release yourself to it. Dive deep into the pain & watch it transform into your own unique superpower.


After many years in the spiritual sciences & healing arts I have found one of the most profound cheat codes in the universe for human transformation & healing is this:


That the deepest wound one carries also holds one’s unique blueprint to total healing & sacred contract. That every substance in the universe is both a poison & a medicine. That the venom holds the secrets of the cure. That immersion into one’s darkness is where one finds their own unique vibration of light.


This is why former drug addicts can be the best facilitators for drug rehabilitation or survivors of abuse can become the most powerful advocates for the vulnerable.


Because in the dis-ease, in your suffering, is your power to alchemize the density of your personal lead into pure gold.


Freedom is found in accepting the darkness, in embracing one’s pathologies, one’s brokenness within. In exploring it, in listening to it, in observing it, in consoling it, in loving it.


Just as according to our great teacher of divine love Malwana Jallal Eddin Rumi says “these pains you feel are messengers from the beyond” & that “the wound is where the light enters,” my medicine is to witness your pathologies, the distortions in your systems or your soul’s dis-ease & then to help you find the medicines in them so that you can GET FREE.


My medicine is liberation medicine. I help you turn bondage into freedom. Chaos into stillness. Hatred into love.


I use God’s medicines– cosmic codes that govern the universe. I help you come back into harmony with the micro & the macro & re-member who you are– to re-member who you are in the cosmos, to learn the architecture of your soul & to work with the mechanics of your reality.


I’m your cosmic math tutor.


I help you learn your own personal constellation of liberation medicine that is in line with natural, earth & cosmic laws & to transform your pain into your unique super power.


I help bring you back into your own authentic & original state of freedom in sukuun.


Contact me if you’re ready to activate your super power. 🖤

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