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Prayer is the Most Powerful Human Technology

We are the first humans in history that generally don’t have a daily practice of connecting to that which is greater than ourselves. We tend to be connected to our phones, the internet, other people’s lives, messes & stories all day but rarely do we connect to the heavens for support. Modern humans have forgotten the power of their internal & ancestral technologies & substituted them for external material technologies only. We have learned to pray only to our phones, to icons, the news, to the government & corporations because we give most of our soul’s management to outside authority.


This is an invitation to send “spiritual text messages” instead of phone texts. When in times of need we can call on that which is greater than us, we can call on Source. Because the universe & all its powers & technologies are available to us, through us! All. The. Time! Through our ability to direct our awareness, intention & connection to Source we have access to all the technologies of the universe!


Prayer is a universal human light-speed technology that shows up throughout time & across cultures & traditions. It is the most powerful tool we’ve been given. When our ancestors prayed for rain they didn’t doubt for a second that the rain would come. The rain would always come.


What gives prayer power is sincere intention & faith. If we can believe that an object from China could be delivered by FedEx to someone on the other side of the planet in less than 2 days than why can’t we believe in the universe’s delivery service & system? The universe works in light speed or faster. We have direct, instant access to this from within.

Prayer can also be intentionally connecting to that which is greater than us through nature, by contemplating the universe, by loving our neighbors, by helping someone in need, or by changing our thinking! If “every thought is a prayer & every word a spell” (Caroline Myss) then by changing our thinking we can change to who and about what we are praying.


Let us pray like we are crazy right now! Let us pray like how our ancestors did! We all need this more than ever. Nothing man-made can fix the mess we’re in. Prayer is fast, guaranteed & free!

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