BUNDLE:Homeopathic Constitutional Support & HTMA + Targeted Functional Nutrition


This service combines two complementary modalities for optimal and complete healing. With the homeopathic constitutional support you get to heal from top down and with the HTMA + Targeted Functional Nutrition Plan you get to heal from the bottom up. This results in the deep and complete healing.  See more below.


Homeopathic Consitutional Support is what I consider my top to bottom approach to healing as it works to heal at the core and highest level of dis-ease at the energetic or consitutional level, thus stimulating whole healing from the top (energetic/consitutional body) to the subsequent mental/emotional/physical bodies that manifest from one’s individual energetic/constitutional system. Often times, constitutional support or whole person support requires a series of homeopathic remedies in addition to orthomolecular and homeopathic drainage or organ support remedies. This is a highly individualized service and every person will receive recommendations based on their own specific constitutional needs.


An initial homeopathy consult for Homeopathic Constitutional Support includes the following:

  • initial in office in-take (1.5- 2 hours at the Healing Arts Center in Altadena)
  • Analysis of case
  • Recommendations (including constitutional/constellation remedy(ies) and preliminary orthomolecular and supplement recommendations).
  • First follow up (30 minutes by phone 2-3 weeks after first in-take).


Hair & Tissue Mineral Analysis offers a powerful way to look inside the human metabolic and elemental system. Find out more here!

Sample lab results, analysis & recommendations. Read about Healing w/ HTMA.


HTMA + Targeted Functional Nutrition is what I consider my bottom up approach to healing. With an HTMA we can see exactly what is happening on a cellular and organ level in your body and begin to correct imbalances through nutrition and whole food supplements. Often, complaints on the mental, emotional or physical level stems from an imbalance in cellular or organ function; even anxiety can be a result of depleted and dysfunctional adrenals. An HTMA will let us know all of that. You then get an individualized functional nutrition and supplement plan designed by me to help correct any imbalances and dysfunctions.  

This service includes the following:
1) Hair & Tissue Mineral Analysis with Trace Elements Inc. or Analytic Research Labs, state of the art labs that measure mineral levels, ratios and heavy metal toxicity. (The collection kit will be shipped to you, postage required to ship hair sample to lab).
2) Analysis of results. Sample.
3) An individualized targeted functional nutrition and supplement plan to correct any imbalances. (includes supplement, nutrition and lifestyle recommendations). Sample.
4) 30 mins Phone or email q & a to discuss your plan.
5) Monthly email follow ups for 3 months



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