Immune System Boot Camp




Learn the biospiritual function of the immune system & how to build immune system intelligence & function through naturally & hostically for longterm & short-term health.


Day 1– Awareness Building: What is the main function of our immune system?

  • What is our immune system for?
  • Why do we get sick?
  • How do we get better?

*Bonus: An exercise to release the fear of getting sick.


Day 2– Longterm education of our immune system.

  • Holistic Tips & Strategies to build longterm immune system health and optimization.


Day 3– Seasonal education of the immune system.

  • Holistic Tips & Strategies to support our immune system during flu season and Corona Virus.

*Bonus: Meditation for Building the Immune System as taught by @eckharttolle.


Day 4– What to do when our immune system is suppressed or activated?

  • Holistic Tips & Strategies to support our immune system when we get sick or can’t get better.


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