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Reciprocity With Mama

Dynamic blessings, humble gratitude & continued prayers to all the mamas out there.


The mamas that came before us, the ones to come after us, the ones that may never be, to the human & animal mamas & of course to our great cosmic mama.


Deep deep love & thanks to you. 🤲🏾🌐


The thing about mamas is that yes we are channels for the movement of Divine Love but this movement through us is reciprocal & dynamic.


The mama wants to love freely & unconditionally but she also wants to be loved too. She also wants her children to love her, to see her, to appreciate her.


I’ve recently been clearly shown that the root cause of all suffering on earth whether it be  physical, mental, emotional or spiritual comes from a very old wound, the primordial mother wound. That our original dis-ease is the wounded feminine (& therefore the wounded masculine), & has only been exacerbated in modern times.


That both as individuals & as a collective, & even mama nature herself, has a sense of being disconnected from our place in the cosmic order, forsaken by our Creator, lost & detached from the force of love that animates & sustains creation.


Rather than being celebrated & reciprocated, the qualities of the divine feminine has been so misunderstood, abused, extracted from that we have rendered the feminine to the shadows. Now more than evee. And since we are all from the great cosmic mother, our imbalance in relationship to her means  we as a collective and she herself is out of balance from within & without.


We also all intuitively know that when our mother is healthy, we are all healthy. & when we heal, our mothers and our great cosmic mother will heal too.


It’s for this reason, I have a special offering announced in the video in the follow up post. DM me for more info!


2nd 📷: me as a new mama

3rd 🎥: our mama cat w/ her kittens

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