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The devil in Islamic cosmology was God’s most devoted believer. It is said that there is not a spot in the universe (seen & unseen) where he did not prostrate his head in prayer to God.


He is the 1st supremacist & colonizer because he refused to bow w/ respect to Adam [(as) Primordial Archetypal Human] when ordered to do so by God; claiming ‘superiority’ as a being made of fire [jinn*] to the ‘inferiority’ of a being made of clay [human].


His pride, arrogance, superiority complex & defiance is what had him cast out of God’s Presence. It wasn’t atheism but a claim to superiority & disobedience that was his utlimate fall.


It’s then that he made the vow to lead humans astray & away from the presence of God. This is when he became the first colonizer because the only way to lead humans away from their innate primordial connection to God, is to take over their souls.


To do that, evil has to play trickster colonizer because most human beings will not willingly just take the side of evil or give up their soul to another just because. They need to be tricked into it through fear, pride, righteousness, greed, etc. They need to believe its for their own good or for the good of humanity.


& so the devil is a master of mimicry, inversions & reversals. Evil never shows up as evil, it mimics good by inverting reality– it appears as a helper, a savior, a god. It plays imposter light.


Evil colonizes the soul by convincing you that the path to darkness, the path away from God, is in fact the path of righteousness. By convincing you of its superiority.


All spiritual traditions have known & taught this universal truth. It’s only arrogant modern humans with their superiority complex in their “science” that have decided to restructure the entirety of the cosmos by denying this universal truth.


This wholesale denial of its existence is exactly what imposter light or evil needs to successfully colonize human souls.


Evil is empowered by you thinking it does not exist– & therein lies the fall of humanity.


اللهم أرِنِى حَقِيقَةَ الْاَشْيَآءَ كَمَا هِىَ

“O Allah! Show me the reality of all things as they really are.” ~Prophet Muhammed (sas)

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