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Is it the news? The government? Schools & academia? The “experts”? Celebrities? Your parents, your family, your culture, your friends? The latest hashtag?


Do you know who your authority on truth is? Have you ever asked yourself? Because it’s time to get clear on that, otherwise we’re just performing.


Living & embodying our truth in authenticity & integrity means only we command our souls. And self-soul-governance means only we are responsible & accountable for our thoughts, feelings, responses & behaviors.


If we export those things then we are under another’s command and who are we then but another’s projection?


It’s time to reclaim our birthright to the divine power of self-determination– to choose what we believe & how we behave. Choice in consciousness is what makes us human after all.


It’s time to reclaim our humanity. It’s time to stop outsourcing our bodies, our minds, our hearts & our souls to others.

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