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It is the ego that is struggling now not your soul. Your ego is struggling with being elevated into higher states of consciousness, which requires detaching from physical forms & specific outcomes.


The Sufis say the ego is your horse. You cannot kill your horse but it can either ride you or you ride it. Identifying with your ego means your horse is riding you.


If your horse is sad, scared, grieving or sick, don’t shame or judge it. Let the feelings come & hold loving nourishing space for your horse.


Care for it, give it love, give it understanding & be patient with it. Nourish it back to health so it can carry you in power to your higher self, to your destiny.


This pain you feel is your ego expanding to fit your stretching soul.


In reality, all is well & you are already free. You are already at peace & you are already in joy.You can tap into the real you anytime because you are already there.


Allah is reminding you now.

You are in the process of remembering.


So be gentle with yourself and your horse. 🐴

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