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Standardized Medicine = Imperialism

Language is standardized & normalized, everyone has to speak the same language– indigenous languages are erased.


Culture is standardized, everyone has to think & behave the same way– culture is erased.


Education is standardized, we all have to learn the same things– knowledge is erased.


Food is standardized, think the McDonald’s model of making every single burger taste exactly the same regardless of where you are standing in the world. Or bringing foods like quinoa to rich people in Europe.


And now we have the standardization & normalization of industrialized science & medicine– There is only one way to do things, only one standard one-size-fits-all human body & one system of medicine for this body.


And if you don’t fall in line you are a heretic to be burned at the stake.


The West who prides itself on diversity, inclusion & human advancement, is just an empire built on MONOPOLIZATION.


It erases the beautiful diversity of the human experience by centering, streamlining, normalizing & standardizing its preferred profit driven paradigms.


⚔There is nothing normal about pathologizing freedom.

⚔There is nothing normal about weaponizing the human body.

⚔There is nothing normal happening at all right now in the upside down.


Don’t accept any of it. Because the moment you do, the lies become YOUR normal.


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