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Teen Rage

When I refer to my inner angry teenager this is who I’m talking about.


She is 17 years old here & she has already identified systemic lies, lying & liars. She has vowed to never plug into the mainstream, the official, the status quo & to disrupt them, to dismantle them and to find her own truth. If someone got in the way of her learning or finding truth she would become very difficult & rebellious.


I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a teenager right now at this time. I would be a terror!


God help our teens and young adults during these difficult shifts & transitions. If you are a teen & need help, love, connection & support, I’m here. I’m a super cool non-judgmental safe adult you can trust. My inner teenager is still here & can still relate & connect closely with teens & young adults. In fact, teens usually love me & I love them, truly! Teens & young adults have always been my favorite group to teach.


Would your teens be open to taking classes in energy work, homeopathy, nutrition or health w/me? That’s what I needed at that age, a loving guide & mentor in healing.

Here for you beloveds!


*Yearbook photo for senior year, class of 95. My quote was something like “Give love to yourself first to cultivate love for the other.” Or something amazingly poetic, deep & emo like that.

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