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The Cosmic Joke

The biggest mystery, the ultimate secret to the universe and creation, is that this whole thing is a big joke and you’re the punchline.


The big secret is there is no secret, it’s all just pretend.


Everything is nothing, there is Only God.


There is no separation only Oneness & Love.


You’re an actor and Allah is the writer, director Creator of this great cosmic play. I know it’s hard but try not to take your costume & role so seriously.


Because when we die God’s gonna be like, “Just kidding, did you get it?! That whole thing was just a pilot show, now THIS is your real life.”


And the ones who started laughing before they saw the end, before the earth’s curtain came down & the cosmic curtain was lifted, are the ones who chose God’s Vision, who chose heaven.


The one who gets the joke solves the mystery. 🤡


My intention this Ramadan is to be graced with the openings of rememberance of this great comedy & of divine laughter. To join in friendship with The Divine & to align my sight with The Most High’s.


To laugh & laugh & laugh at all of it.

To laugh with God.

May you join me.

Ramadan Kareem.📿🤲🏾😂

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