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The Economies of War & Big Pharma

And the pharmaceutical economy is driven & governed by the same principles of war– profit, competition & conflict. What once used to be called the military industrial complex has now shape-shifted into the medical industrial complex, both anti-human systems ruled by the power dynamics of conflict & competition– as per the fundamental beliefs of colonizer capitalism. We’ve established this parallel several times before & we’ve also established that taking the war path in health & disease is a choice only you have authority over, not anyone else.


In this moment, are you longing to exercise agency, authority & choice over your health? Are you looking for a human-centered system of medicine that is in line with the biology of the human body and the earth body when dealing w/ infectious diseases? A system that honors the sacred in all, centers the human being and is grounded in principles of cooperation, connection, ascension and liberation?


Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is a time-tested sub-section of homeopathy that does just that! A program to educate the immune system on infectious diseases, HP introduces the frequency of a pathogen to the immune system through nosodes. It’s like downloading information, so the immune system learns the disease without suffering through it.


What are nosodes?


Nosodes begin as pathogenic material and go through a process of homeopathic potentization or ultra-dilution whereby the energy of the disease is extracted and there are no more molecules of the original substance left.


Nosodes are pure energetic imprints w/ no minute material doses of the disease like in conventional vaccines, nor any toxic materials like adjuvants (heavy metals, formaldehyde, genetic material, antibiotics, etc), additives or preservatives. A nosode is pure energy that offers the learning of the disease without the suffering. It’s a kind of energetic bio-hack and a liberation medicine that I will discuss further in future posts.


Nosodes for both CVID19 & seasonal flu are available. DM me for more info or see link in bio!


Find out more about HP here!

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