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786. The full moon of the Holy month of Sha’baan rising over the Red Sea.


This is the night of the year where the Lawh Al Mahfouz// The Preserved Tablets (Akashic Records in New Age Speak) are updated. Thus, we are encouraged to spend the night invoking “Unity Consciousness” through specific prayers.


Once when I was asking for guidance on what the Lawh Al Mahfouz really is, it was shown to me in a half wake state that the tablets are scrolls or an information grid in the ether that are updated through heart consciousness. I can’t really explain what was shown to me as there are no human words for it. The only way I can explain it is that the information in the heart is “mounted” onto this Divine Grid. Thus the importance of purifying the heart & filling it only with Unity Consciousness/GOD because this grid holds all the information in the universe, everything that ever was & will ever be & it also includes your destiny.


If I’ve said anything wrong it is from my ego, if I’ve said anything true it is from Allah through my spirit guides. Please forgive me.


May Spirit purify, fill & guide all our hearts.

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