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The Return of the Divine Feminine

The war paradigm has been cosmically revoked.🔥


The big players are all on the side of war– they’re all on the side of divide & conquer. The goal is not that one “side” conquers another but that the ruling class establishes perpetual war & division in order to maintain power over the group. Tyrants need war to continue their tyranny.


But the war paradigm, the colonizer model of master & slave, which is but the shadow of the toxic wounded masculine, has been cosmically revoked.


There will be no more violence, competition, victimhood and oppression in the New Earth.🌐


For the divine feminine, who has been rendered to the shadows for millennia by the toxic patriarch, has initiated her return to human consciousness.


She is the primary force & commander of the New Earth. She is the New Earth in unity with the divine masculine. Together they bring us back to One from many.


But first there will be destruction.


The devouring mother, the Kali Yuga, Sekhmet, the goddess Athena, the great earth mother will lay waste to the idols & mega-structures of the old paradigm first.


She will wipe it all out. Mama earth’s reclaimation & reckoning is underway. Karmic agreements are being completed & released.


The Redwood forest must burn to germinate seeds of new growth. The coal must be crushed under immense pressure to become the diamond. The birthing mother brings forth life by entering the depths of the underworld.


We have entered into the crushing & the globalists know this. This will be their final & most brutal clinging to the old paradigm of war. They have to play out the ending act of this great karmic drama. This is how the story finishes & how life will regenerate again from the whole.


The day of re-membering & re-balancing is here, where the shadows of the wounded masculine & feminine will be brought to light, healed & united in harmony once again as the New Earth.🌍


Let us welcome home the return of our great cosmic mother, the return of the sacred, the Return of God to earth w/ humble gratitude, trust & love.🙏🏽♥️


Beaming light to all the wombyn holding down her love here on earth.


Blessings this International Women’s Day.🌹

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