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The Soul’s Journey Continues After Death

Unpopular opinion here because despite New Age trends of invoking our ancestors for support, our ancestors need the support of our blessings & prayers more than we need theirs.


They already blessed, prayed & sacrificed for us when they were earthside.

They have their own journey to continue in the unseen realms & continuing to engage them in our earthly lives keeps them shackled to the material world & bound from free movement & flow.


We need to let them go.


This may mean allowing ourselves to fully grieve them, finally laying them to rest & giving them permission to move on.


Sometimes it’s the unwell ancestors whose souls we may be tapping into here because of some unfinished business from their lifetime they want us to work through.


But not all incomplete karma is ours to carry, we can lovingly say thank you and no.


We did agree on a soul level before incarnating to carry & complete some contracts & karma but when there is a mutual agreement between souls, those ancestors handed us their trusts & moved on.


Contracts can be legacies we are meant to revive or wounds we are supposed to convert into wisdom.


In all cases all contracts between souls can be rewritten.



What legacies are you here to remember?


What wounds were you asked to transform?


And what are you meant to lay to rest, release & to say thank you but no?


Last fall, we sat with the mędicine, intelligence & teachings of the Hůman Ôvary as the 1st code of the Söul Rebirth Portal.


But the ancestors said we still have more work to do.

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