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The Victim & Saboteur are BFF’s

Have you consciously met your VICTIM & SABOTEUR yet?


What are they like? Would you like to get to know them better?


Would you like to be able to know each of their voices, patterns & mechanics?


Would you like to be less unconscious & controlled by them & their reactivities?


Would you like to magnify their light by accepting, dissolving & integrating their shadows?


We will be working with the ENERGIES of these ARCHETYPES & how our SOUL CONSTELLATES our DIVINE BLUEPRINT through INITIATIONS of the WOMB of BIRTH in the SOUL REBIRTH PORTAL, starting October 23.


For example, as the first atmosphere of the baby– the AMNIOTIC FLUID CODES our SOUL with our place in the COSMOS & imprints us with the survivor ARCHETYPE of the VICTIM. When we take this remedy we can receive ACTIVATIONS to HEAL PATTERNS & DYNAMICS of our VICTIM as well learn our place in the COSMOS & our unique expression of GOD’S DIVINE Attibutes. (See photo).


Likewise, the UMBILICAL CORD offers us teachings related to NON-ATTACHMENT as well as MEDICINE for our SABOTEUR & REMEMBERING our soul mission & our particular GOD given gifts/POWER.


Meet your saboteur & victim in the Soul Rebirth Portal.

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