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Top 5 Homeopathy Hacks

Homeopathy is a vast and rich system of medicine with a depth of science that allows for endless discovery and exploration in the areas of health and medicine. Homeopathy is not generally known for one sized fits all remedies because it is fundamentally a holistic and individualized medicine. However, there are some tricks and tips that only homeopaths would know and that I will divulge to you now.

Money Saving Hack #1


Homeopathy is infinitely reusable and reproducible. Yes, that’s right one tube of homeopathic remedies can last many long lifetimes and treat as many people or living organisms as there on the planet. Because homeopathy is an energetic or nano-medicine, one pellet of any homeopathic remedy can be duplicated and reproduced to no end. To make a homeopathic remedy last forever, drop a couple pellets of any homeopathically potentized remedy of 12c or above in a sterilized vial with some good distilled vodka and shake or succuss vigorously. The remedy is now in the bottle and will last forever as long it is kept away from any heat or radiation. So label it and keep it in a cool dry place. One drop now to a glass of water will put the medicine in the water, so you only need one drop of the vodka preserved remedy. When the vial runs low, simply add more vodka before it runs and succuss again. See, homeopathic remedies are infinitely reproducible and resuable! You can buy one homeopathic remedy one time and never have to buy it again! Watch this video for a more detailed explanation.


Money Saving Hack #2

This tip piggy backs off the previous tip. Instead of making a remedy last forever you can at least make it last for a day or two by diluting pellets in water instead of taking pellets directly in the mouth, as instructed on most homeopathic remedy labels. One dose of a homeopathic remedy is 2-3 pellets directly into a clean mouth or one sip of water with diluted homeopathic pellets. So, do some quick math and you’ll realize that if you need to take several doses, rather than using pellets for all those doses (or even drops from your alcohol tincture you made with tip #1), it would be cost and medicine saving to dilute a couple pellets (or a few drops from your vial) in some water and every sip of the water is a dose of the remedy! Unlike alcohol however, water does eventually rot. So you can only drink remedy water for a couple days and you will need to make another one. Remember to also shake or stir the water with a wooden or plastic spoon before every dose or sip! Watch this video for a more detailed explanation.

First Aid Hack #3


Arnica. Arnica. ARNICA! Yes, this is the most well known homeopathic remedy and for good reason. It’s life saving. And bone saving. And it works quickly and fast. Arnica is helpful for any physical trauma or blunts and blows to the body.

My kid's hands 3 hours after being crushed thanks to Arnica!

Remember that IG post about slamming the trunk closed on my kid’s hands?! Well that was nothing but arnica to the rescue! It heals fractures faster (once they’re set), it reduces swelling, bruising and inflammation of joints, tissues, muscles and bones. It also helps in post-op recovery, postpartum recovery, jet lag, head trauma, concussion, hemorrhaging and the list goes on! It is a super remedy! I recommend keeping arnica handy at all times. Keep a tube of Arnica 30c with you in your bag and at a home. At home I would also keep some topical arnica handy and higher potency arnica like arnica 200c, 1 or 10m for more serious physical injuries and recovery. Arnica does not take the place of emergency medical care in the event of physical trauma is meant to be a compliment to conventional and emergency care. Please call 911 in the event of an emergency and seek appropriate medical attention for any blows to the head or spine. In fact, seek medical help anytime you’re gut tells you to, always follow your intuition. The best thing is to have a first aid kit with all these remedies already in it, so you have it handy when you need it! Check out our recommended kits for my Homeopathy For Families Online Course.

First Aid Hack #4

Homeopathic Ledum for bites. Any kind of bite, be it bug or beast. The best remedy for healing a bite or to prevent further injury or complications is Homeopathic Ledum 30c or 200c. If you have ledum 30c or lower, I would put the pellets in water (see tip #2) and split it into several dosing with a frequency that matches the intensity of the symptoms. So if the symptoms are intense, give sips of water more frequently. For bug bites, people will find that after taking ledum there is less itch and inflammation at the site of the bite and that there is less likelihood of developing secondary infections or complications. For beast bites like a dog bite, ledum will heighten the immune response against possible rabies infection. This of course does not take the place of seeking appropriate medical care for any kind of bite, ledum is meant to be a compliment to conventional emergency treatment. Please be sure to call 911 for severe or suspected allergic reactions to bites or for suspected secondary infections or complications, like lyme or rabies. The best thing is to have a first aid kit with all these remedies already in it, so you have it handy when you need it! Check out our recommended kits for my Homeopathy For Families Online Course.


Cold/Flu Hack #5

Mineral Cell Salt Ferrum Phos 6x for fevers. Yes, there are many different remedies for fevers in homeopathy. But because fevers require blood production and cleansing, increasing orthomolecular support of the blood system with minute material doses of an elemental iron-phosphorus compound helps the body amp up its overall immune response and recover quicker. We all know that our blood is made up of iron, so it make sense to give our body the building blocks for strong and clean blood when fighting a fever. Because this is potentized below Avogdaro’s Constant, meaning there are still minute molecular structures of iron-phoshorus, it is best not to dilute the pellets (like in tip #1 and #2) and take them directly in the mouth. It’s still diluted enough that it won’t cause any symptoms associated with iron supplementation, its not an iron supplement. At the time of a fever, I would give 4-5 pellets directly in the mouth every 2 hours for a few days or as long as the fever persists.Read more about fevers, colds and flus

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