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Truth as Metaphor

Just a reminder to myself 1st & foremost that I don’t really *know* anything.


That we can only receive partial truths.


That everything we think we know is an approximation.


That we can only access Truth through models, images & metaphor.


And that as the clever statistician said in the 2nd photo “All models are wrong but some are useful.”


It is impossible for the mind to understand the Ultimate Reality without the mind projecting separation.


The mind perceives & exists through duality, & so will always perceive & imagine through projection.


It is only through inner non-mental awareness (dhuwq or tasting in Sufi lexicon) that God Source is recognizable.


The Singularity & Totality is not conceivable with the mind.


True knowers do not make claims to knowing. They are comfortable with not understanding & with living in paradox.


Because God is Paradox.


This is all to say that what I share with you and my clients are models that have been helpful for me on my healing journey & soul work.


And still these are models, all approximations to truth, which is infinite.


They are not total truth in themselves.


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