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I don’t want to talk to your ego or your programs, I want to talk to your heart & soul.


I’m deep in the emotional stages of death as I divorce myself from my LA/California friends, acquaintances & communities.


I am so angry at BIPOC communities of LA & CA.


Almost all of the communities & friends that I thought loved & accepted me, took the side of the abusive colonizers; either by becoming silent on the abuses or outright defending & advocating for policies, mandates & lockdowns that aggressively destroy & prey on the lives of the most vulnerable in CA, my children included & BIPOC especially.


I was so sad before but lately I’ve been more angry.


So I’m cutting off all association with the left & their dangerous hypocrisies. I never affiliated with any political group but I often found a sense of place with left leaning friends & communities as I felt aligned with the principle of supporting people not systems or ideologies.


Not anymore.


Because now I realize those acquaintances, friends & communities didn’t love or accept me for who I truly am. They just liked or wanted something from my identity, my personality, my gifts, my knowledge, my energy.


It was purely an extractive exchange. They didn’t see my heart. They never met my soul.

And I’m not doing uneven exchanges anymore.


I’m not associating with toxic closed hearts or one-sided connections.


I may love you from afar but we are not heart connected anymore.


We are now strangers in the soul realm.


Because I’m not showing up to the table with my heart in my hands & all alone.


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