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WorldSchooling: Traditional Egyptian Pottery

It’s always been my dream to worldschool my kids & then the Rona was like “oh you want homeschool huh, well here you go!” But sitting in our home not connecting with any other humans was hurting more than helping & I knew the answer was to turn to traditional societies who have the skills, tools & resilience to get through any crises. So we became worldschoolers!

Seriously, if anything good came out of all this bullshit, it’s the push out of these criminal colonizer institutions that have been the greatest blessing for us. I don’t think we’ll be returning back to institutionalized anything ever again. Praise God!

Today we went to Old Cairo’s pottery workshops to take a lesson on traditional pottery making. As our institutions collapse, I think the best thing to teach our kids are skills. I mean calculus is lovely & all but learning how to use our hands for basic survival is more important at this point. Without putting too much pressure on our children, they are the ones who will be building our New Earth & its new systems, & they need skills to do that.


The other day I told my son in a fit of panic that we need to learn how to find our own drinking water + grow our own food + harness our own energy + set bones & learn to suture human bodies. He straight up said “You know how much pressure you’re putting on me right now mama?! You’re asking me to save all of us!” And thats when I was like “oh shit ya that is a lot to ask of our kids. Okay, let’s start with pottery.” πŸ˜‚ So here we are… Slowly slowly learning & reviving traditional sciences and skills to restore & rebuild our New Earth. We are learning to Revive the Sacred.

May our children be blessed w/ the highest abundance & protection.πŸ€²πŸΎπŸ•Š


Make sure to check out my daughter making pottery in the last video.🌹


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