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1+1 = 1

my son: if all the drops in the world were connected how many drops would that be?


me: how many?


my son: one.☝🏽I learned that from Sh. Hisham 😍


As I begin to share my story, I think it important to lay down my anchors or life aphorisms for you to hold safety in this container. Anchors are our foundational beliefs that no matter what we are put through our anchors cannot be pulled out.


In reality, my only anchor is this one:


لا له إلا الله


Aphorism/Anchor 1: The Law of One is really the only law in the universe because all other beliefs or realities come from it. The only Absolute I know with every dimension & cell in my body, mind, soul & heart is that in reality there is nothing in existence but The One & everything in the universe is unity appearing as multiplicity.


This is my eternal anchor. I have known this all my life, even when I didn’t know I knew. And I only have a drop sA. ☝🏾


“You are not a drop in an ocean, you are the ocean in a drop.” ~ Mawlana Jallal Eddin Rumi (qs)

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