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Energy is Power 💡

Energy is power, plain & simple. 💡


& all of life is a journey of understanding & negotiating one’s power.🔋


Who do you give your energy/power to? Where do you plug your energy cables, cords & outlets? 🔌


Whenever we give our energy to anything besides The Source of all power, we leak or hemorrhage our power. Only power intended & surrendered to The Most High is contained, aligned, restorative, balanced & regenerative.


The reason is, all other than The Source of power is temporary, not permanent. When we pour our energy into the temporary we are pouring ourselves into delusions. And thus, we hemorrhage.


Energy leaks are remedied through shadow work because it is usually in the places we can’t see that we lose the most power. That is where we will have chronic power drainage.


The first shadow I recommend exploring is the “tribal” shadow. What limiting beliefs have you inherited from collective & ancestral shadows? Often we will find these shadows with our inner child(ren). These shadows tend to be older than many lifetimes & so integrating them means healing entire lineages.


Who are you? ♾

Who do you love? ❤️

What are your patterns? 🌀

What are your anchors? ⚓️

Who are your shadows? 🌑

Who’s in your mirrors? 🪞

How do you negotiate power within? 🔌

How do you story your world? 📖


I will be sharing my stories w/ you all this year insha Allah. Thank you in advance for your sacred witness.

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