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The Snooze Group & The Great Awakening

⏰Everyone is being awakened right now but most people are tempted to stay in bed & hit the snooze button. I got a pretty clear metaphor for the awakening of the collective while meditating & after struggling all 2020 to wake up for my fajr (sunrise) prayers. It was shown to me that my challenge to wake up for my regular morning prayers is just a micro-sample of the “Snooze Group’s” challenge.


The “Snooze Group” are distracted by the warmth & comfort of their plush beds & blankets. Subconsciously they know they have to wake up but for them they’re like “I’m gonna stay in my warm bed for as long as possible” & they keep hitting the snooze button.


⏰It’s not that they don’t want to get it up it’s just that getting up hurts. They know that if they remove the warm blanket & get up, it will be uncomfortable & cold, perhaps there will even be an overwhelm of information to sift through, sort & process. So 10 more minutes of snooze won’t hurt right?


🛏The problem is that they’ve been fooled about the bed itself, the bed is highly flammable. 🔥The bed itself is unsafe & a hazard to our continued existence. The bed is a ticking time bomb, a “beautiful delusion”. 💣 Because as long as we stay in bed we will not see the fire that has started in the next room.


⏰So we either get up & deal with the shock & discomfort of waking up or we burn in our comfortable delusions, our beds. 🔥


Are you in the “Snooze Group” or are you in the “you don’t gotta tell me twice group?” ⚔️🌹

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