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It is now well known that children who get acute colds & flus are less likely to have chronic illnesses later in life.


The unprecedented rise in auto-immunity, allergies, cancers & mental illnesses can be partially (or perhaps totally) attributed to our interference with our immune system’s chance to individuate (know self from non-self) & engineer healthy DNA.


The immune system, the nervous system, the endocrine system are essentially one apparatus. If one is dysfunctional, there is likely to be dysfunction in other systems & organs as well… leading to a breakdown in overall health & chronic illness.


The immune system must learn to get sick to learn to get better.


And when the immune system’s function is optimized & exercised by allowing it to get sick & get better, the entire human being & all its multi-dimensional bodies (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) are healthier.


In Homeopathy for Families Online Course you learn to manage & align with organic physiological processes like the cold & flu & to harness their alchemical, long-term & multi-dimensional healing powers with homeopathic (frequency) medicines & natural remedies at home.



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