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Ancestral Liberation

You free them from it by freeing yourself from it!


It’s Aries season and the ancestors are coming in fierce & direct.🥷🏽


They’re tired of pussy-footing around your feelings & need you to stand up with your back straight, your knees strong & nimble & your feet grounded deep in their roots.


Everything they went through is to prepare you for this moment.


They didn’t suffer with no resolution to their pain so we could break down at the threat of being called names, or at losing friendships & relationships, or at losing our jobs, our status, or titles, our self-image, our niceties.


We were built stronger than this yo!


Our DNA knows the chaos of death AND resurrection. Of the void AND of heaven & hell.


We are the resolution to our ancestors traumas. We only have to be willing to complete & release karmic cycles. To accept, love, embrace & transmute the victimization of our lineage. To turn our ancestors’ wounds into loving power & guiding light.


You have everything you need within you.


The universe is conspiring with your ancestors towards your ultimate liberation– for when you free yourself from millennia of suffering, you free & heal all your connected generations backwards & forwards.


You are the one your ancestors have been praying for.


Yalla, Godspeed.🕊

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