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Seeking The Void

I’ve been feeling really unattached to the world lately. Like I’m down to just sit here in my tower watching the world burn, while I throw all the parts i thought i was into the fire.🔥


I feel pretty ok with not producing, not thinking, not doing or saying anything right now.


I’m down to just sit here in my penthouse terrace, in the clouds above, just listening to the inner silence, while the noise of the world passes me by.


It’s all passing.

& I’m free.

None will stay.


So please, don’t include me in anything. Leave me out of your rules, your expectations, your standards, your normalizations. Exile me from your systems, your places, your titles & your categories. Eject me from your beliefs, from your mind.


Disappear me.

Leave me in the margins.

Leave me in the unseen.

in the in-between.


in the place of no place

of the no-where.

of the no here & the no there.

no me, no i.


dissolve me

in the [no]where of لا*

of sheer oneness

of stark darkness

of non-being

of infinite possibility.


in the no place–

where i am لا,

the nothing of everything

at the utterance of كن*

of God’s I AM

the لا

sukuun ه


* kun كن =Be in arabic. Allah says kun/BE and it IS.


* the letters لا lam & alif in arabic = No or NOT, the divine negation, non-existence, non-being, the void.



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