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Anxiety as Intuitive Guidance

About 3 weeks before the world went into lockdowns in 2020, I had a week episode of panic attacks. I suddenly had this fear that I had a terminal illness & I was going to be forced to use invasive medical technologies as treatments. My fear was less of disease & more about not having body autonomy & self-determination.


3 weeks later the entire human collective had the same panic attack & are still in it. While many believe they are afraid of a killer vyrus, I would bet that the image of dying alone on a ventilator is the image most people are afraid of (& which is a choice btw).


Sometimes the thing you feel anxiety about is just a story your mind conjured up about some REAL intuitive hits you’re getting.


You’re naturally hard wired to receive subtle information or extra-sensory data that the mind can’t make rational sense of, so it starts making up stories.


Another example are children or teens who have anxiety about health, safety or security. Or if they have eating disorders or “behavioral” issues. It’s not that there is something wrong with them but that they are not able to mentally process they’re being abused by a sick system & so they internalize the sickness. & because they are chronically gaslit by society & the adults around them, the mind pathologizes the self.


They think there is something wrong w/ them when in fact they are being intuitively shown that society is sick.


Of course there are other things that contribute to anxiety,:

◇ Nutritional Imbalances (which i can help you with, see my HTMA + Nutritional Balancing service),

◇ Unresolved traumas

◇ Un-integrated shadows,

◇ A dysregulated nervous system,

◇ Environmental toxins, etc.


But next time you feel anxiety or panic about something, ground & ask yourself this:

✔Is what I am feeling really about what I think it’s about?

✔Is this anxiety even mine or am I picking up something in the collective or from my tribe or ancestors?

✔Am I getting intuitive info my mind can’t make sense of?

✔What else could I be intuiting from my environment?

✔What is God really telling me?


Anxiety is a natural response to cognitive dissonance. And intuition usually doesn’t make logical sense.

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