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Yes, I said disease cures. Everything in existence is consciousness, everything is vibration. Everything has information, everything has something to teach us.


Vyruses, microbes & germs also have a consciousness & something to teach the human body & human consciousness.


An acute disease can be likened to a shadow in the subconscious that comes to the surface in order to be integrated & to release some pressure from chronic illness or deeper more dysfunctional shadows.


An epidemic is an acute shadow in the collective or the tribe.


If we move thru the acute illness & work w/ the shadow naturally, we release some chronic pain, we cure 1 aspect of our shadows.


But if we suppress the acute by going to “war” w/it or by masking the symptoms (pun intended) thru synthetic drugging of our bodies & of the earth, we exacerbate chronic disease.


Because as a collective we have gone to war w/ this acute viral consciousness we have aggravated an underlying psychosis in the collective.


Now the masses have plunged into a hidden collective madness. They have completely descended into chronic delusions of victimhood, grandeur & tribalism.


The chronic shadows are now out, not to torment us but to be healed, to be integrated & elevated into light, health & wholeness.


How can we use & learn the consciousness of disease to heal & to relieve chronic pain without actually suffering from the disease? Through Homeoprophylaxis or Disease Alchemy.


📷 graphic by my daughter. 🥰

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