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“Be human and all will be well.”

Last night in a dream I was given direct orders from my guides to tell you this probably very unpopular opinion coming from the ancestor realm.


Y’all the ancestors are pissed! And im not talking about our ancestors stuck in cycles of wounding, im talking about our well ancestors. And not just mine, all of our ancestors! I’ve been having quite the confrontations lately with my own ancestors but this was not just coming from mine. My guides said this message is from the entire ancestor realm, and it is for all of humanity. The message is as follows:


“why have you neglected and abandoned our elders and children? why are elders living and dying alone. why is no one hugging our elders? centering our children? instead you are intentionally erasing and killing them. you have taken away their very humanity by refusing to be with them for fear of getting sick or getting them sick… that is a sickness! you don’t even let people touch them & you don’t let children see each other! to revolve your life around a probability of death, when death is the only absolute you have ever had in this life– is your sickness! you have let the colonizer win when you let our elderly go months without any human contact or love, when you let them die alone in sterile hospitals surrounded by the noise of lifeless machines & strangers in masks. and for what? because they are going to die anyway? the ancestors want you to know this– that you are human & humans MUST & WILL die. you cannot escape death. they want you to know that when you have embraced the reality of your own death & you surrender to the truth that you CANNOT control one’s moment of death, you will be healed and the earth will begin healing too.”


in my dream my guides showed me images of how we are submitting to the intentional dehumanization program of the colonizers. they showed me images of the entire human population masked & staring at screens. they asked me, does this look human? and when I said “no but its only temporary” they got angry. they said “nothing is temporary! your children will never get the humanity that is being stolen from them right now.” and this is the kicker–


and this is the kicker– they said the virus was sent to show us our inhumanity but we are failing because we have abandoned all the things that are meant to keep us human in this moment. for example, we have abandoned our faith and replaced it with fears imposed on us by corrupt power. they then showed me images of ceremony and community and said this is what makes you human. and then asked me where are the ceremonies, and communities right now? their biggest concern was why we are refusing to be in community? when I said its because of the virus, they got angry and said “they are failing! they are not understanding. tell them they must not believe the lies. tell them, be human and all will be well.”


I’m not making this up and if it doesn’t sound true to you, its probably because its not true for you. Accept this message only if it resonates. If it doesn’t, no need to argue with the dream or the message just put it in the compost and carry on. I’m only relaying what I was told to share. And I’m only sharing what I remember but feel free to ask my questions about the content of the dream, it may jog more more memory.


my take: it is our unreconciled fear of death coupled w our fear that nature will destroy us & that has distorted our response to this moment of crisis. when we heal our relationship to death and nature, we will be capable of healthy responses that are in line with our humanity and our ancestors, and reflect our authentic autonomous self.


I will continue breaking down and shifting paradigms of fear to honor our ancestors’ request to become more human.


“we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

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