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Confusion is Intuitive Guidance

When we are confused it is a sign there is disharmony between our mind and our heart. confusion is an invitation to drop into the heart as our instrument for perception and discernment, not the mind. when there is no way of arriving at truth and understanding through mental reasoning or material proof, confusion arrives to direct us to use our higher perceptive faculties. to look inward for guidance and understanding. my spiritual teacher Mawlana sh. Nazim (qs) advises to discern truth by how a belief, a decision, a choice, an idea, a thought, a person, a movement, anything feels in the heart. if it brings peace, stay with it. if it brings agitation, anxiety, anger to the heart, leave it. I am definitely over-simplifying and by no means an expert. it takes time to cultivate this inner heart awareness as we are talking about tuning into to very subtle energies and subconscious programs. this is a reminder to myself first & foremost– that when I am confused I am being asked to move away from the mental chatter & into the practice of heart awareness.


we are now in a moment of intense confusion both as a collective and individuals. what are you confused about and what is your intuition trying to tell you?

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